100% Vegan Australian Fitness Junkie Is Totally Ripped — Simon Hill – Mensphysique

100% Vegan Australian Fitness Junkie Is Totally Ripped — Simon Hill

Simon Hill has defied common belief and developed an enviably muscular figure on nothing but modest portions of healthy, plant-based food.

The 30-year-old’s diet hasn’t slowed him down, as he runs multiple successful global brands and is on the cusp of completing a masters degree in nutrition.

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia, the health and wellness entrepreneur divulged exactly what it took to achieve and maintain his impeccable physique – all with absolutely no animal products. While he’s an advocate for getting a regular sweat on – doing some form or exercise each day of the week – he said a major focus was on what he fueled his body with.



‘I don’t count my macros which is the great thing with being vegan and understanding what food’s good for you and what’s not,’ Hill said.

‘I eat until I’m no longer hungry and know that each time I am fueling myself with great nutrient dense food that my body will utilize.’



Another trick of his trade was timing his meals to allow his body the best opportunity to clear out toxins and avoid fat metabolism. ‘The other aspect of my life that helps me stay lean is Intermittent Fasting where I try to stick to eating within a window from 12pm-8pm each day.’

Hill encourages his online following to resist the popular belief that dairy, eggs and meat were ‘health foods’, and educates on the plethora of health benefits that come along with eating a variety of non-processed plant-based meals.



‘By changing my mindset from having meat as the ‘star of the plate’ to looking at different plant based protein sources, I am now eating a much better balance of healthy foods and getting the right amount of dietary fibre which is super important,’ he said.

‘I transitioned to a 100% vegan diet in 2016 after doing extensive research into the major causes of the chronic diseases that are on the rise and killing more and more of us every day.’

‘These diseases are strongly linked to consumption of animal protein, saturated fats and cholesterol which are mostly avoided on a plant based diet.’

When it comes to working out, Hill takes a similar approach as he does with his diet – keeping it balanced.  ‘Three to four days a week I will do strength work in the gym and the other days I will fill with soft sand runs on Bondi Beach (where I live) and calisthenics/body weight work on outdoor workout bars.’

‘I make sure I train abs/core 2-3 x per week but to be honest they are working hard during every workout and for me the key to seeing them is maintaining a healthy balanced wholefood diet.’



‘When I do specifically train abs I do high volume low weight (mainly body weight) for 15-20 minutes.’

His most recent business venture is Organic Village Foods which produces high protein non-soy forms of tofu and tempeh, and will be available in Woolworths stores within the next two weeks. He will also continue dropping scientifically-based information bombs across his social media account Plant Proof, which will become its own website in coming weeks.

‘I am in a fortunate position with a handful of very successful global brands that I don’t need to monetize Plant Proof – so you wont see me selling eating guides or information.’