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Abee Low – Walks The Talk.

The harder you work, the better you become.


The 39 year old personal trainer and bodybuilder started racking up achievements since 2014, starting with being 1st Runner Up in the 2014 Mr Perak Heavyweight. To date, he’s already been declared Champion of the 2018 Mr KL Light Middleweight and Heavy Weight Champion of the 2018 Mr Perak.

These, and his many other accomplishments didn’t come easy. At 6.00 in the morning, he’s already in the gym performing his fasted cardio before grabbing a liquid breakfast and training his clients. He’s in the gym in the afternoon and at night, only taking breaks at noon to head home and do his personal meal prep, and at night to have dinner with his family. Hardcore as this sounds, he takes Sunday off and spends more quality time with his family.

Throughout all that time spent in the gym, Abee says his favorite workout is the squats to train what he considers is his weakest point: his legs. Initially it was tiring, but he slowly embraced the grind and learned to love training this part of his body.

Abee supplements with Nutrition Pro products, especially Elite Labs USA ISO Blend. He finds them to be effective compared to other products he’s tested, helping him reach his goals as he trains for his next goal: to be the Mr Malaysia Champion in the Light middle weight category. From there, he plans to also grow when it comes to training; not only training clients but also other trainers to help them with their teaching skills.

Beyond that, he also aims to compete in Mr Malaysia in August of this year and to reach the international bodybuilding scene.

His main vision? Someday learning from, and standing as equals with trainers and bodybuilders on the international stage.



Biography –
Name – Abee Low Choon Hoong
Age – 39 years old
Height – 178 cm
Current Weight – 84 kg
Profession –  Personal Trainer / Bodybuilder
Favourite Nutrition Pro product – Elite Labs USA ISOBlend


Achievement –
2018 Mr Perak Heavyweight Champion
2018 Mr KL Light Middle Weight – Champion
2017 Mr Perak Heavy Weight- 1st Runner Up
2017 Mr KL Light Middle Weight – 2nd Runner Up
2016 Mr Malaysia Middle Weight – 4th Runner Up
2016 Mr Perak Heavy Weight- Champion
2016 Mr KL Middle Weight – 1st Runner Up
2015 Mr KL Light Heavy – 3rd Runner Up
2015 Mr Perak Heavy Weight – 2nd Runner Up
2014 Mr Perlis Heavy Weight – 1st Runner Up
2014 Mr Perlis Novice – 2nd Runner Up
2014 Mr Perak Heavy Weight- 1st Runner Up


Interview By Atika Sikun
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