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Desmond Lee – “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there”

Desmond never thought a simple idea will lead to bigger things in his life.   When we first saw Desmond, it didn’t cross our mind that he used to represent Singapore as National cyclist during his poly days. “All these […]

Faez Nick – Not Just Another Guy At The Gym

It is not a usual sightseeing Faez at the gym and here’s why.   Entrepreneur and Actor Faez Nick is not just another guy at the gym. Standing at 170 cm and weighing 63 kg, this 25 year old was […]

MuscleMaxx™ Mass Gainer.

MuscleMaxx™ Mass Gainer has arrived. With a massive 1,326 calories and 56 g of protein in every serving, you will pack on mass like never before. 4 blends provide you with 4 different proteins, each designed to absorb at a […]

Ultimate Nutrition – MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION 2600

Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice Revolution 2600 is the ULTIMATE weight gainer on the market. It features 56 grams of protein in the exclusive Octo-PRO™ Protein blend that combines 8 key proteins. It contains 170 grams of time release carbohydrates to […]

Ivan Loh – Young And Dangerous

Just like his idol, Ryan Terry, Ivan Loh is bagging all the championships he competed in and he might come after yours next. At the age of 17, Ivan Loh was just like any other teenage boys -immensely growing and […]

Shah Fit – “Working Hard and Working Smart Are Just The Same”

The latest addition to the Nutrition Pro team, Shah wants to be fit and healthy and he wants everyone else achieve the same. Shah is not the kind of guy who believes in quick results. He trains hard on a […]

Wan Doyok – Talks About His ‘Work-Life Balance’.

We find out what Wan Doyok has been up to lately.   Wan Doyok is a 33 year old man who personifies the term ‘work-life balance’. Real name Wan Ahmad Kamsan, this 94 kg man standing at 178cm tall spends […]

Abee Low – Walks The Talk.

The harder you work, the better you become.   The 39 year old personal trainer and bodybuilder started racking up achievements since 2014, starting with being 1st Runner Up in the 2014 Mr Perak Heavyweight. To date, he’s already been […]

Chester Lim – Being a Hardgainer is no reason to give up .

……..and Chester knows this best!   The 30 year old personal trainer recently won the Mr. Perak 2018 Light Weight and cites his Nutrition Pro pre-workout supplements as an important tool in his pursuit to size up from 71 kg […]