People often raise their eyebrows when they see a bodybuilder. Azrin is no exception. Read to find out how hegot his gains game on. 

With over 14 years of bodybuilding experience, he smiles ear to ear when people approached him to appreciate his physique.

This will not be possible without the support from his boss, Mohd Zaman b. Md Yusuf and wife, Norsahida bt Jabar, also not to forget the lad’s wife, Rozita Othman and family members who have been supporting him since day one.

The Gain After the Pain
After years of studying the industry, Azrin knows for a fact that lifting weights can improve our overall health and enhance our body composition by adding mass or stripping away body fat and one thing is for sure – you are in one away or another.

Therefore, no matter how big or small your fitness goals are, living the bodybuilding lifestyle can help proper you forward your goals that much faster and make them a reality.

Consistency is Key!
He started training with his friend in his hometown Sabah before he was absorbed into PDRM bodybuilding team in Bukit Aman when he joined the police force in the year 2005. Watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Conan and The Barbarian sparked his interest.

Azrin now focuses on the cardio workout to boost metabolism as he focuses on fighting belly fat and strengthens bones.

It took 1 to 1.5 hours training off his tight schedule, 6 days a week. Consistency in taking supplements, protein, quality food intake and regular training help maintain his muscles and physique.

Quality Food is Also Key!
During offseason, he eats a lot, but only foods without fats and sugar. Carbonated drinks is a big no for him. While preparing for competition, he only eats grilled, steamed, baked, and boiled food. None of the processed foods and he prefers taking in solid carbo like brown rice, spaghetti, and sweet potatoes, 5 to 7 meals a day.

Azrin is looking forward to competing in international competitions such as Arnold Classic, Muscle Mania and more, and to eventually open his own gym. According to the hunk, consulting an expert is a right thing to do. “You gotta keep the right mental attitude right and work on your goals.Don’t forget to practice your proper nutrition, and establish their own consistent routines. You’ll go far, trust me.”


Name :
Hasrin Saratin @ Azrin Dani

Date of Birth :
17th August 1978

Height :
179 cm

Weight :
90 kg

Profession :
Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer at VP POWER GYM &

Fitness Experience:
-10 years involved in gym management.
-Previously was in PDRM bodybuilding team (2005-2006)
– State judge for bodybuilding and fitness (acknowledgment by Persatuan Bina Badan Malaysia from the year

– 7th placing for Mr Power x Kedah (75kg above category)
– 2nd placing for MR Johor (75kg above category)
– 4th placing for MR Marvelous 1Segamat (Open category)
– 5th placing for MR Gym Hari Sukan Negara open (Open category)
– 3rd placing for MR Sado Batu Pahat (Open category)
– 4th placing for Open The Keppri Cup 757 Tanjung Balai Karimun Indonesia (80kg category)
– 3rd placing for MR Sado Karnival Pontian (Open category)
– 2nd placing for MR Perkasa San Suria Gym (Open category)
– 3rd placing for MR JPP Manhunt (170cm above category)

Photographer : keat@StudioV4
Art Direction : Victor Phang
Interview : Atika Sikun