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Chester Lim – Being a Hardgainer is no reason to give up .

……..and Chester knows this best!


The 30 year old personal trainer recently won the Mr. Perak 2018 Light Weight and cites his Nutrition Pro pre-workout supplements as an important tool in his pursuit to size up from 71 kg to 78 kg.

According to Chester, the supplement enhances his workout performance especially in his endurance, making him more aggressive during training and helping him recover quickly so he can minimize his rest between sets.

Every morning, he wakes up to first prepare his entire day’s meals before having breakfast and heading off to the gym to train his clients. After lunch, he then focuses on himself; training in the afternoon before having his dinner and then heading home to rest and recover.

Clearly he’s not afraid of a challenge. Chester’s favorite workout is doing squats because they’re challenging and risky, but it pays off well with lots of benefits.

Though he’s still learning about the bodybuilding industry, Chester is currently working towards competing in the Mr Malaysia 2018.


Chester Lim

30 years old


Current Weight

Personal Trainer

Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement
1st placing for Mr. Perak 2018 (light weight champion)

Favourite Nutrition Pro product 



Photography by Roland Koo
Styling – Victor Phang
Interview By Atika Sikun