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Faez Nick – Not Just Another Guy At The Gym

It is not a usual sightseeing Faez at the gym and here’s why.


Entrepreneur and Actor Faez Nick is not just another guy at the gym. Standing at 170 cm and weighing 63 kg, this 25 year old was Champ of Champs at Muscle Chef 2016 in the Men Physique Category and is also an API Ambassador Athlete.

Faez devotes his time not only to his active health & fitness lifestyle, he’s also driven to inspire other people in his role as a fitness ambassador.

On top of that, he’s also currently breaking into the local entertainment scene as an actor and is working hard every day at the gym, especially on his favorite workouts for his chest and abs; the two muscles he says are the most important to show off when dressing up in a shirt or suiting up!

Keep your eyes opened for Faez. Who knows, we might just see him on the stage and on the big screen in the near future!


Biography :

Faez Nick

25 years old

170 cm

Current Weight:
63 kg

Entrepreneur & Actor

Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement:
Champ Of champ Muscle Chef 2016 (Men Physique Category)

Favorite Nutrition Pro product: 
API Supplements

Interview by
Atika Sikun