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Ivan Loh – Young And Dangerous

Just like his idol, Ryan Terry, Ivan Loh is bagging all the championships he competed in and he might come after yours next.

At the age of 17, Ivan Loh was just like any other teenage boys -immensely growing and eating. It all changed when his self-esteem hit him hard every time he looks at himself at the gym.

Being as a student is no obstacle for him to fulfill his fitness goals when it comes to competitions. Also a part-time trainer, he gained support from his friends and they are the best motivation for him to work harder.

Thanks to bodybuilding, Ivan achieves the 3Ds (dedication, discipline, and determination) to implement in his daily life for his fitness journey, academics and his booming career. It has really motivated him and made him strive harder to reach his goals.

His current goal is to win a bodybuilding competition and inspire more people. By setting a goal for himself, it allows him to keep pushing himself, sharing his knowledge and setting good example.

His five meals a day consist of a balanced diet consisting of proteins, carbs, and fats. For Ivan, the fourth and fifth meal will consist of only protein and fats as he has low energy consumption in the late in the evening and at night.

“My favorite body part to train is the shoulders. This is because my shoulders are underdeveloped compared to other parts, so to build it up, I experimented with a lot of new training and it became one of my favorite muscle parts to train.”

Ivan is aiming big for the next few years. Already a champion of numerous bodybuilding competitions, he is working hard to become a successful fitness social media influencer and to represent brands as their ambassador.



Ivan Loh Wei Jia

23 years old


Current Weight
81 kg


Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement –
2nd placing for Mr Penang
1st placing for Natural Singapore BodyBuilding Competition (Junior category)
1st placing for Natural BBSG (Open category)
1st placing for Natural BBSG Muscle Model

Interview by Atika Sikun