He does it because he can, he can because he wanted to, he wanted
to because you said he couldn’t.

Back in 2005, Jason Lim was impressed by a group of seniors at his university who had a great sense of fashion. He was keen on imitating their style but his efforts were futile.  Course mates criticized and humiliated him saying his physique wasn’t even up to par to begin with. Their comments became his drive to further explore the fitness field.

His first attempt at weightlifting he recalls was slightly embarrassing as he was too shy to even try to lift! Three months later, someone asked him, “You lift?” After hearing this, Jason was determined to lift harder.

Having lifted for 10 years now, he realizes that longer lifting experience doesn’t qualify one the better result; it all comes down to who you want to become, your fitness enthusiasm and reaching beyond your expectations.

Focusing on one part of his body, his workout routines are 60 to 90 minutes per session. Jason tries to frequent the gym on a daily basis. Weekends are his off days. As for his diet, his breakfast consists of oats, protein shake, black coffee and blueberries while his lunch and dinner are all about mass protein intake.

When asked his secret on how he builds up his muscles, he explained that there needs to be a consistency in planned exercise programs and diet plans. Self-discipline, of course, plays an important role.

Muscles are the rewards for your hard earned work. Jason looks up to Oryx founder, Eric Turner. Eric’s physique and dedication in equipping himself in competition as well as being a fitness model and brand’s ambassador have inspired Jason immensely.

His advice to all aspiring lads who are eager to change their lifestyle is this: Execute your fitness plan once you’re ready to begin your transformation. Mistakes are bound to happen. Don’t be afraid to learn from them. Remember, determination and self-discipline are keys to EVERYTHING.


Name :
Jason Lim Kheng Tat

Date of Birth :
24th November 1984

Height :
174 cm

Weight :
77 kg

Profession :
Group General Manager In London Biscuits Berhad

Awards/Fitness Experience :
The Hottest Hunks In Malaysia 2012