With his numerous successful professions, Jeff Diaz nursed along the people around him,
especially those who dream the impossible. 

Jeff has been a natural at keeping himself fit and pretty much maintained a healthy lifestyle throughout his life. Back then, he was a hip-hop dancer and played a variety of sports such as basketball and Track & Field, just to name a few. He first got introduced to the weight room during his early teenage years. “I recalled joining my high school football team and part of the requirement was to train for strength and conditioning. So I started to lift weights and enjoyed it.” He said, smiling.

The whole new environment has allowed him to nurture a mindset of training and to take up anything that has to do with fitness. Seeing incremental muscular development made him pushed harder to for his physique improvement and to be consistent at it.

Right after graduation, he played semi-pro football for a couple of years. He got himself his first gym membership at the age of 18 years old and started going to the gym every day.

Young Jeff would buy fitness magazines, research about bodybuilding through articles online. He asked for help from other gym rats who were advanced in developing their physiques at the gym to increase his knowledge about physique and bodybuilding fitness. Eventually, fitness became a part of his lifestyle. Also a registered nurse in a surgical and rehab hospital, the 28 years old has been counting his blessing to be in the fitness industry.

“Just a couple years ago, I’ve never thought to be where I am today. I am just getting started, I have a lot more to offer and I am very excited to what the future hold. “ He was recently appointed as the Nubreed Nutrition sponsored athelete.

The company has been a huge part in his daily life while reaching his goals. The supplements from Nubreed Nutrition has helped Jeff improves his overall physique as the products are clean and informed choice certified, which only means one thing – they are tested to make sure you are getting exactly what’s in the label and they are all deliciously flavored.

Jeff is currently training to improve some of his weak areas in terms of his physique, especially focusing on his shoulders and back. Reasons being he wanted his shoulders bigger, more cap and bring that overall roundness. For his back, he is looking to train it to be thicker and wider.

“Like what they say, you can win a show with a great back!” he said, roaring with laughter.

During off season, his total calories goal ranges from 4000 to 6000 calories. His meals are well balanced between to cater the designed protein, fats and carbohydrates intake.

He will take in high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrates diet during his preparation weeks before any competitions. Standing at around 173cm tall, his daily routines are pretty normal. He wakes up, prays and read his bible. Right after that, he will head to work, trains and spend time with his wife, family and friends.

Jeff is planning to compete at the Arnold’s Classic in Columbus, Ohio next year in March and he is aiming to qualify for the Olympia showdown next year. He is also in the midst of planning the opening of his own gym and is looking forward to share the great news soon! You can follow him and watch his progress on Facebook at Jeff Diaz IFBB Pro or @j3pz_fitness_ifbbpro on Instagram.


Name :
Jeff Diaz

Age :

Height :

Weight :

Profession :
Personal Trainer / Registered Nurse / Online Coach / Entrepreneur

Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement :
– Became an IFBB PRO in 2015 at NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada
– Top 7th placing in the Wings of Strength, Chicago 2017