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Hisham Abdullah steals the hearts of many especially the little ones with his ways of keeping himself fit.

Hisham Abdullah works around-the-clock to fuel his passion. Mom and girlfriend have always been very supportive of his choices. They have always been there for him for the good and the bad times. Despite his muscular and tall figure, the athlete’s love for body building didn’t started until after high school. He started meeting more people who were into bodybuilding.

“Thats where my love for fitness grew. I was fired up taking my fitness to a whole new level with training and nutrition. As for fitness modelling, I didn’t chase it until just recently, before this I was always just focused on improving myself at being a better athlete but as I did my physique changed as well and people started to notice. So I figured why not? It will give me the chance to reach out to a bigger crowd. ” He added, excitedly.

The otaku told us that his friend, Nick was the one who actually got him started in body building journey and taught him everything he know now about training, nutrition and supplementation.

When asked on his participation with Little Gym Malaysia – “I teach kids part time at The Little Gym Malaysia. It helps me to ensure that I keep in touch with what’s going on out there whether in fitness or in life in from all ages.” He said, grinning.   He workout differently, by always changing it to keep things fun! He does a lot of body weight work.

He doesn’t compete so he is usually quite flexible when it comes to eating. ‘You get the craving, and you do get incredibly hungry, but it’s denying that and pushing through that makes it worthwhile. It’s a mind game.’

He wanted to work on growing himself on social media platforms. He has recently started to pursue modelling and from there maybe fitness modelling too. He also has plans to get back into studying as he would like to specialize in something whether it is sports science or something to do with nutrition. “Knowing and understanding why you are doing it and when you do, work hard and be consistent!”

What’s the difference you see before and after you start working out?

Appetite is definitely bigger. The bigger you get the more you eat. I have put on a lot of muscle mass over the years and my physique has evolved after years of training. More energy during the day to do things & a lot healthier too, I rarely get sick.

How do you stay motivated?
Its great motivation when friends, family or random strangers comment about my physique, especially kids! They make me feel like a super hero. I happy that I can inspire them as how my role models have inspired me. Also when I see progress in my physique or performance. Being an athlete I am competitive, so my training buddies push me to work harder and we always push to break our personal records in weightlifting.

Tell us more on how you live your life right now.

I like to keep myself busy, I help my dad as much as I can with running his business, Freelance Personal Training, I teach kids part time at The Little Gym Malaysia, always studying to make sure that I keep in touch with what’s going on out there whether in Fitness or in life. My goal is to be bigger, faster, stronger than I was yesterday, always pushing to improve further and to be the best I can be at everything I do. Also being in this industry, being able to teach and impart something you believe in to another or being able to inspire anyone makes it all worthwhile.


Name :
Hisham Abdullah

Date of Birth :
27th August 1986

Height :
182 cm

Weight :
80 kg

Awards / Fitness Experience :
–  EgoNutritions (Product Specialist)
–  Mens Refinery (Fitness Trainer)
–  The Little Gym Malaysia (Lead Instructor)
–  Freelance Personal Trainer
–  First Aid Certified
–  Gym Instructor Certified
–  Freerunning/Parkour Level 1 Certified
–  Powerplate Certified
–  NASM (Ongoing)