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Mohammad Nazrin – If You Want It, You Have to Act On It

The 27 years old stud is not just a pretty face, he been through a lot to get where he is right now.

Nazrin has always been active in sports since he was young. However, after an unfortunate incident while playing football, sadly he had to bid the golden boots dream goodbye. Although, that didn’t stop him from continuing his passion in educating people on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. He first started focusing more on building his physique as a bodybuilder after the injury.

Being a freelance personal trainer, he takes great pride in showcasing his physique and maintaining it on daily basis. He put his utmost focus and goal of being another Malaysian which is recognized on an international level as a Men’s Physique athlete.

Therefore, joining all the competitions organized by the folks in the industry has helped himself to gain more exposure thus landing him with a few sponsorship’s from various brands.

His current action plan is join more competitions in Malaysia and Asia. Luck was definitely on his side when Dynamax, a local supplementation product team approached him and later on appointed him to be their ambassador.

Nazrin’s diet is pretty straight forward. He eats clean and his meals are fix as well. All these preparations are to ensure that he gets the right amount of food intake to maintain his physique, apart from working out as well.

He works out when he can, basically 7 days a week with no rest day unless needed. When speaking about his favourite workout routine, it will be his shoulder.

“Why? Because I want a broad shoulder. SIMPLE AS THAT.” He said, cracking up.

His next goal is to conquer the South East Asia’s bodybuilding industry – be it in Singapore, Thailand or even Indonesia and when he does it, he will definitely make Malaysia proud.


Photography by Roland Koo
Styling – Victor Phang
Interview – Atike Sikun