When it comes to commitment and driven attitude, Paul wasn’t playing
around and so should you!


Top of the game businessman now turns professional bodybuilder is what Paul has been doing lately. He wasn’t pleased with his physique previously, so he decided to spend his time at the gym and see what he is capable of, under heavy (literally!) pressure.

The result was unbelievable. Paul Lim, or also known as Paul received many words of encouragements and praises from his friends and family members.

He then began to take fitness more seriously and decided to start competing as a bodybuilder. For him, bodybuilding industry has allowed him to meet people from all walks of life, but with the same passion and end goal – to be a better version of themselves.

With all the support he has been getting, he is currently preparing to bulk up and gained 100kg with lower body fat. His goal is to then cut down for better physique for his upcoming competition.

“My meals depend on the season.” The 32 years old, stated in all seriousness.

As he is currently not competing, he takes in a surplus of calories to 3000+ calories with good source of protein and carbohydrates daily. Paul never forgets his Mammoth Whey, Mammoth Pump, Mammoth Glutamine and Mammoth Amino supplementations throughout the day.

The admirable father figure starts his day running his business in the morning. After work hours will be spent with his small family and he will head to the gym later in the evening. The routine might be too much for some people, but not Paul. “It’s all about good time management. You can focus on what you love doing but never forget that family is forever.”

Naming squats as his favourite compound workout, he said that focusing on that specific muscle helps to bring his physique to next level. Paul has a mission – He is looking win more titles from local and international competitions and no one is going to stop him!



Name –  Lim Chung Siang
Age –  32 years old
Height –  180cm
Current Weight –  78kg
Profession –  Businessman

Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement –
–  2nd placing for Mr Kedah 2017 Badan Cantik (above 170cm category)
–  Top 8 Finalists for Mr Alpha 2017 Badan Cantik (above 170cm category)


Photography – CK
Interview By Atika Sikun