Age was never a challenge for Simon. He proves that fitness is indeed a lifestyle and not
just a phase that people will eventually get bored of.


It was not hard to notice Simon from afar. Standing at 178cm, he fills up the room with so much positivity. When asked about his idol, he answered Arnold Schwarzenegger almost instantly.

It all started 10 years ago when he decided to apply more discipline in his daily routine that he started training to maintain his figure. Fast forward 10 years later, fitness is part of his lifestyle now.

The support from his loved ones has also fuelled his passion in pursuing bodybuilding. He reckons that the bodybuilding industry is very encouraging as it is a healthy and discipline sport. Simon told us that in the industry, he gains a lot of knowledge such as nutrition, effective workout routine and healthy lifestyle. These help him in his future plan to be a knowledgeable and well-known fitness coach.

His next aim is to win the NABBA Pro title. He is focusing on his weakest body part to build up better physique. For now, his meal plan is to hit the macros daily, taking is 350g protein, 100g carbohydrates and 50g of fat.

Turning 42 this year, his daily routine is to wake up in the morning, and do his cardio workout before breakfast. He then starts his day working and another session of 2 hours workout after work.

His favorite workout is super-set chest dumbbell press and fly. Both workouts matter because he enjoys the adrenaline rush and wish to have the nice shape chest like his idol, Arnold.

Simon’s future plan is to be a bodybuilding coach and his ultimate goal is to have and manage his own gym in a few years time.




Name – Simon Looi Beng Huat
Age – 42 years old
Height – 178cm
Current Weight – 83kg
Profession – Businessman

Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement –
2nd placing for Nabba WFF Mortal Battle Man Physique

Favourite NutritionPro product –
Mammoth whey, Mammoth glutamine, Mammoth pump, Mammoth amino


Photography by CK
Interview – Atika Sikun