I Can’t Be Tamed. I Am A Beast

Alex has a vision and he doesn’t want to do it alone. He got the beasts joining the
bandwagon and now he wants you too!


Back in the days, bodybuilding was something people look differently in Malaysia. Young Alex Chee begs to differ. At the age of 14, he decided that he wants to change the whole perception of being fit – and all the myths related to it.

At that time, he was only 177cm and 47kg. He went to the gym the first time with his older brother and friends and for the next 4 hours, he was hitting the irons non-stop. He then became addicted to the idea of making the gym his second home.

Over the course of the next few years, Alex works hard to put his name out there as a fitness model. He trains around the clock and had his mind focused on the end goal – to be able to gain as much knowledge as he can. He put his shyness aside and did a lot of research to ensure that he is not providing himself (or other people) inaccurate information.

He then started vlogging to record his progress and it then became his thing. The Youtube star who has hypertrophy physique focuses on bodybuilding training with a minimum of 2 hours per session, 7 days a week. He will hit heavier and higher volume near competition.

As one of the ambassadors for Optimum Nutrition, he took his meals seriously. With the help of @theoomphkl, he got all of that sorted with no issue. He practices flexible dieting – as long as he hit his meal goal for the day, he is good to go.

“It’s all about balance diet.” The burger enthusiast said, grinning.

With the A-List Beasts, Alex is looking to take the movement on an international level. He aims to inspire people and to help them with personal development. With the growing numbers of followers on his Instagram and Youtube, Alex is looking to invest more time and resources on being the go-to-guy when it comes to fitness.

Words are out that he will be coming with a more improved clothing line. He also told us before ending the interview that he is looking to reach his maximum potential together with everyone around him and to make fitness not just a lifestyle, but a way of living.


Name:  Alex Chee
Age:  22 years old
Height:  186cm
Weight:  84kg
Profession:  Entrepreneur/ Athlete/ Optimum Nutrition & The OomphKL Brand Ambassador

Instagram: @alex.cyk
Youtube: Alex Chee


Aligning The Impossible

The chiropractor with the million dollars smile steals the hearts of many by with his in depth knowledge on bones and nutritional facts.


When your back hurts, who do you normally go to? For us, we got Dr.Daniel Tan on our speed dial. The former track athlete who is now a practicing chiropractor started being more involved in the fitness / modelling industry in 2011. Growing up being around fitness enthusiasts has influenced him to get fitter and better.

Daniel started his fitness journey when he was 16. However, with his constant hunger to understand more about exercise science, he decided to signed up with his first personal trainer, however to his disappointment, he did not get the answer he seeks.

Relentless to understand more about exercise science, he took up ACE and he got himself certified as a personal trainer. It doesn’t take long for him to take on to his second education course to be a (Poliquin) Bio-signature practitioner.

“Proper periodization is important. My training routine is constantly changing to keep pushing my limits.” while pursuing to be a Gonstead Chiropractic doctor, Daniel’s interest in exercise science inspires him to set up his own personal training studio even before he graduates. That’s how Body Transformation personal training studio was born. It was a personal training studio that aimed to correct and educate client with correct movements together with proper dieting knowledge.

“Personally, I don’t really focus in counting macro nutritions. We eat food, we don’t eat numbers. It’s not practical and it wouldn’t last for long.” For his diet regiment, he mainly focus in eating with the right portion which can be easily determined by comparing using palm, fist and thumb size. It is a system by Precision Nutrition.

After finishing his Chiropractic degree, with some help from his mentor from Australia, Daniel closed down Body Transformation and started ALIGNED, a Gonstead Chiropractic clinic that primarily focus in providing the best quality care for patients that suffers from musculoskeletal conditions and joint injuries such as slipped disc, arthritis and etc. Located in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Daniel envisioned a community which are well-informed in terms of fitness. He promised to give his best to the society by sharing and educating the right information about injury prevention and better ways to a healthier life. Gathering passionate individuals, Dr. Daniel Tan met a team of enthusiasts and formed A-List Beasts. They formed this group all for one goal and that is to inspire people nationally and internationally on gaining a better quality of life through fitness.


Name:  Daniel Tan
Age:  25 years old
Height:  180cm
Weight:  73kg

– Doctor of Gonstead Chiropractic
– (Poliquin) Bio Signature certified practitioner
-Fitness Model & Commercial Model

Fitness / Modelling Experience: 
– 1st placing for Hottest Hunk 2011