Who would have thought that an idea of coming up with a team of different walks of life will result with the creation of the A-List Beasts, a group with the same mission and vision – to make Malaysia a healthier nation and to have everyone living a healthier lifestyle in accordance to your own preference.

The A-List Beasts is not just a team of talented, driven individuals, it is also a fitness movement and these lads aspire to inspire everyone around them. Men’s Physique Malaysia team got the chance to sit down with five of the A-List Beasts and here are what they have to say.


Into The Abyss: The Don

When you heard his name, you will never imagine the hard work he puts in while executing every
plans he has – individually or together as a pack with the beasts.

One of the most exciting stories of the year in the Malaysian fitness scene has been the creation of the A-List Beasts. It is not difficult to tell when you see the beasts themselves, and the leader of the pack is no other than the forever inspiring Kit Mah.

Thanks to an expertly-curated strategy of his very own personal branding, everything seems to fall into the right place. Being the first male ambassador of Malaysia (and still currently) for not one, but two giant brands; Optimum Nutrition and Under Armour, Kit Mah is climbing the ladder of success as we speak.

But – he doesn’t want to do it alone.

He and his group of friends decided to give back to the community by forming a movement called the A-List Beasts. Looking at his Insta stories, you will see the admirable dedication that people speak of.

Always working around the clock juggling between a corporate successful career and an active personality in entertainment, Kit Mah never neglected his training. He is now pursuing more on hypertrophy for specific body parts & performance based training. He is also currently increasing his knowledge on training & nutrition by participating in renown and credible courses in fitness. He doesn’t want to only look healthy but he wants to be in his most optimum and peak form. He also wishes to share this to the community. So far just by staying fit and lean has helps him in work performance and also his personal.

His meals a day are pretty normal – 3 to 5 important meals however he stays away from processed food and prefers to get good carbs in his system. He eats sweet delicacies occasionally because who can ever say so to that delicious chocolate lava cake when you see one, right?

He trains hard but wise. He stops if his body had enough. “It’s all in the system – but then you need to remember that you are still human and you need to know when to stop.” He wants to educate the people around him that being healthy is not a one-time thing, but a lifestyle to live by.

His utmost respect goes to the people who is never afraid to admit their mistake. “We need more people in the community who is well-versed and well-taught in addressing weak points – whether in fitness or not, to transform all of us into better individuals.” He said, in all seriousness.

Kit Mah’s current goal is to be able to share more and do more when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. He believes everyone can achieve this with sheer discipline and dedication. He strongly believes fitness is a never ending journey and the goal is to achieve the highest level possible in a healthy and natural manner.

His dedication and passion has mold him to be who he is today. You can definitely expect more from Kit Mah and the A-List Beasts within the next few years and you can certainly say that you heard it from us at Men’s Physique Malaysia.



Name:  Kit Mah
Age:  Early 30s
Height:  177 cm
Weight:  68 Kg

Model/Actor/TV host/Fitness Icon & IT Project Manager

Awards/Fitness Experience:
-Brand Ambassador for Optimum Nutrition & Under Armour.
-Established Commercial Model
-Health and fitness lifestyle Influencer

Instagram: @kit_mah