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Wan Doyok – Talks About His ‘Work-Life Balance’.

We find out what Wan Doyok has been up to lately.


Wan Doyok is a 33 year old man who personifies the term ‘work-life balance’. Real name Wan Ahmad Kamsan, this 94 kg man standing at 178cm tall spends his days as a businessman with a family. He wakes up early, goes to bed early, and makes sure that he spends quality time with his family every night.

His early mornings start at 6.30 am with his morning cardio session before he has his breakfast and prepares his daily meals. Like a lot of us, he spends his daylight hours at work and between the hours of 6-8, he works out at the gym.

“I train twice a week” he says about his legs, because those are what he feels needs the most improvement. As a classical physique athlete, he understands the importance of having balanced musculature.

Maintaining this hectic schedule isn’t easy, so he counts on his favourite  Nutrition Pro supplements MMX Pre-workout and MMX Testosterone booster to help him grow muscle mass and aid in recovery.

Clearly this combination of discipline, training, and supplementation is one that works for Wan Doyok. Since 2015 he has won various awards, from taking 1st place at Mr Kedah 2016 bodybuilder heavyweight, the Malaysia Model Fitness Search 2016, and in multiple categories at Mr Kedah 2017; namely Men’s Physique 170 cm above (open), Men’s Physique 170 cm above (close) and the Bodybuilder Heavyweight category as well.

It seems like he’s working hard and smart towards his end-goal of becoming an IFBB Pro athlete and also as a role model to Malaysian youngsters to think and dream big by competing on the world stage.




Wan Ahmad Kamsan a.k.a Wan Doyok

33 years old

178 cm

Current Weight
94 kg


Favourite Nutrition Pro product
MMX Pre-workout & MMX Testosterone booster

Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement –
–  1st placing for Mr. Kedah 2017 (bodybuilder heavyweight)
–  1st placing for Mr. Kedah 2017 (170cm above, open and close category)
–  Champ of Champ
–  1st placing for Malaysia Model Fitness Search 2016
–  2nd placing for Mr. Muscle Man Classic Pertama 2016
–  5th placing for Mr. Body Beautiful Pertam 2016
–  1st placing for Mr. Kedah 2016 – Bodybuilder heavyweight
–  5th placing for Pesta Pantai Langkawi 2015 (Bodybuilder open category)


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Interview By Atika Sikun