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Why The World Needs a TJ

He shared that his love for superheroes are forever – We love them because they refuse to give up on us. We can say a lot of things about them and still they return, patiently reminding us of who we are and what we wish we could be. That’s what TJ aspires to be.

Superheroes – they are athletic and attractive. Should that be a problem?

TJ will say no in a heartbeat.
He has constantly adored the bodies of characters in superheroes motion pictures and comic books. He generally imagined himself with a well-assembled, superhuman-like body and looking in the mirror one day, he thought, “Right now is an ideal opportunity to begin”.  He began off little – by doing bunches of push-ups and sit-ups in his room, which later leads him joining the gym.

TJ’s present objective would pack on as much slender bulk as he can before anticipating contending and venturing in front of the audiences.  Currently at 183cm tall, TJ is presently honored with his hereditary qualities with regards to his physique. He has also reminded us the significance to remember supper designs. For TJ, genuine nourishment dependably beats supplements, however, supplements are vital for your exercise too.

“I would be no place if not for eating less. Working out in the exercise center can go just up until this point. When you understand that lifting isn’t all that matters, that is the point at which you have undergo good diet.”

TJ has an undisputed top choice every time he hits the rec center. His most loved exercise would be the mammoth arrangement of altered dunks for chest into link hybrids followed by grade pushup. To him, the pump that he gets from these 3 practices is simply crazy and fantastic.

Wrapping up, he revealed that he doesn’t have any further plans on bodybuilding since he is now concentrating on his profession. However, he would very much like to change the perception of people about the look of male fitness models by sharing more knowledge on his social media platforms.

Name – Tong Juns
Age – 24 years old
Height – 183cm
Current Weight – 87kg
Profession – Freelance
Latest Fitness / Bodybuilding Achievement – 
– 6th placing for Battle Of Freaks 2015 (Open Tall Category)
– 7th placing for Battle Of Freaks 2017 (Open Tall Category)

Photography by Roland Koo
Interview by Atika Sikun