He believes that a life lived for fitness is an existence spent wonderfully,
and this is what he has  dedicated his life to.


He light up as he sat down to talk to us.
“Hi, I’m Adam.” He introduced himself, rather shyly. Hailed from the Land beneath the Wind, he took up bodybuilding by accident when he was discovered by Othman Yahya who goes to the same gym as he is. He started back in 2011 and has only started competing in 2013. He admired Sazali Samad and was fortunate to be able to train alongside with him once.



“I was starstruck, and I didn’t wait long – I approached him and asked tips on how to be like him, only better.” He said, on the recipe on getting to how he looks now. He incorporated his training wisely as he will train twice a day with a duration of 1 and a half hours per session.



“Even in training, you have to be safe. Many actually forget that.” He told us, smiling. For Adam, overall training focus is very important. And don’t skip your meals purposely. He prepares his own food because to him, it is best for him to know what he is consuming.

He eats every 2 hours, with meals consisting of food that is low in carbs and high in protein. Taking 3-4 months roughly to prepare himself before competition day, the young father will also consumes whey protein during his meals.

Quoting Fitness expert Shirley Archer, he explained that people can usually stay in shape with as few as 30 minutes of workout per day. “Everyone’s diet has a bit of leeways, but be strategic about what you consume. Have a little bit, but not too much.”



“My wife and family have been very supportive from day one since I started,” when asked about his drive to go further in the industry.

“For you to perform, you must ask a lot of questions so that you can improve. Knowledgeability is also one of the keys so that you know what you’re doing. And in this (bodybuilding), you need to know passion and disciplines make a great man.”

Zmarul Adam envisioned the admiring glances of people when he will soon (and will strive for it) be the next Mr. Asia.


What Mistakes Did You Make When First Starting Out?

For not taking the workout seriously. I was injured and was unable to work out for at least 3 months. That was the darkest moment in my life.

How Do You Stay Motivated ?
By telling myself that I can do better and I deserve to be better at this (bodybuilding)

What Is The Most Challenging Thing You Deal About Consistently Staying In Shape ?
Definitely the food and time. Malaysian food are not something you can avoid forever.

What Are Your Short Term and Long Term Goals?
Preparing myself to compete in Asia and World Bodybuilding championships in 3 to 4 years time. And To own my very own gym in 10 years time.




Name :
Zmarul Al-Adam

Date of Birth :
16th February 1991

Height :
168 cm

Weight :
82 kg

Awards/Fitness Experience :
– 1st placing for Mr. Tesco 2013
– 2nd runner up for Mr. Malaysia (Lightweight) 2014